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Modify Ftrack action menu layout

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it was possible to modify how actions are displayed in the ftrack action menu.


Currently it's looking something like this. It's fine when you have up to 10 actions displayed, but when you have 15 and more it's starting to get messy.
I know that you can group action by giving the same label and specify a variant, but it's not really so easy for newcommers to know that if you want to play a specific component you need to click one more time on a specific "folder" which look exactly like other action before hovering it with your mouse. And when you use a lot an action, if it's a variant, each time you want to use your action, you need one more click to open the action's variants.

The idea is to modify the all action menu and create other submenu that could be your action label and inside it, find all your variants directly. We could push the idea event further by modifying the size of the action logo to display more action in the window.

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