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ftrack integration in Deadline with Maya

tan ya ting

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Hey guys,
Hope this is the correct place to be asking questions, I’ve been trying to setup and test the ftrack connect in my company and I'm facing some issues.

For integration of Ftrack in Deadline for Maya, 
I'm getting errors in "attempting to retrieve user from ftrack" when submitting a maya job with the integrated submission script. When i click on “connect user” in Deadline submitter > maya pipeline tool > project management , I met with the following error:

Retrieving sticky settings… done!
<class ‘xmlrpclib.ProtocolError’>
ProtocolError for #####.ftrackapp.com/client/: 404 Not Found

I’ve already configured the deadline events plugin for ftrack, inserting ftrack URL and the API key generated from ftrack.
The state was switched to “Global Enabled” as well.  I've posted in the deadline forums as well but didn't seem to get any response from the guys there. 
Really appreciate any insights in getting this to work! Thank you!! ☺️


Deadline Client Version:


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Hi Yating,


The Deadline integration is created/owned by Thinkbox/AWS. They recently switched from the legacy API (which uses XMLRPC) to the newer Python API. I believe the switch happened in 10.1 and has been stable since Is it possible for you to upgrade versions? In either case, I don't recall where the Deadline integration is getting an ftrack username. Even when using a "global" API key, an API session but be initialized with the username of an enabled User. I believe we fall back to LOGNAME if nothing is set explicitly in the constructor.


For the 404 error, can you access that URL with curl from the command line? Or from your browser?



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Hi Steve, 

Thanks for responding.  Unfortunately It's alittle tricky to update the deadline version right now as we're still in the middle of rendering for a job. I'll give that a try once the job is finished!

9 hours ago, Steve Petterborg said:

For the 404 error, can you access that URL with curl from the command line? Or from your browser?

I've tried plugging in the URL from the browser, got "internal server error occurred".  😶


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That's how mine looks in the browser too. That particular endpoint is only used by the legacy API for XML-RPC. Two angles of attack are either adding some debug output to what Deadline is running (and seeing whether it sets os.environ['LOGNAME'] in case your login username is different than your ftrack username) or avoiding Deadline for now. Both their plugins and our API which they vendor are editable as .py files, though do consider backing them up before altering them. Alternately, make sure ftrack Connect works (as the current version utilizes the legacy API as well as the newer one) and consider a small stand-alone script just to make sure you can connect with the legacy API and your API key.

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