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  1. Hi, May I know if there's any updates with regards to this matter?
  2. Thanks for this. We'll give it a try and update here again.
  3. yea man. After downloading and reinstalling the houdini package 0.3.1, it's not working still. Still getting the errors
  4. Hi Henrik, Thanks for the reply! but I'm alittle confused here haha. If houdini connect 0.3.1 is not shipped with ftrack connect package 1.1.2, then which version of the houdini connect should I be looking for installation? The link attached above in the reply is houdini connect 0.3.1 , which is the one i'm using for the test though. Here are the ftrack connect and houdini connect version that I'm using: -ftrack connect 1.1.8 -ftrack connect package 1.1.2 -ftrack connect houdini: 0.3.1 Nonetheless, I'll try reinstalling the houdini package! Will get back to you aga
  5. Hi Steve, Thanks for responding. Unfortunately It's alittle tricky to update the deadline version right now as we're still in the middle of rendering for a job. I'll give that a try once the job is finished! I've tried plugging in the URL from the browser, got "internal server error occurred". 😶
  6. Hi Guys, I'm trying the Houdini Connect Plugin (ftrack-connect-houdini-0.3.1) and I need some clarifications and help with some issues that I'm facing. With regards to Publishing: 1. failed publish of geometry type (fbx) in houdini, with the following error in houdini console. on the other hand. I was able to export the fbx fine with the native houdini plugin (file>Export>FilmboxFBX) Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Program Files (x86)\ftrack-connect-package-1.1.2\resource\connect-standard-plugins\ftrack-connect-houdini-0.3.1\dependencies\ftrack_con
  7. Hey guys, Hope this is the correct place to be asking questions, I’ve been trying to setup and test the ftrack connect in my company and I'm facing some issues. For integration of Ftrack in Deadline for Maya, I'm getting errors in "attempting to retrieve user from ftrack" when submitting a maya job with the integrated submission script. When i click on “connect user” in Deadline submitter > maya pipeline tool > project management , I met with the following error: Retrieving sticky settings… done! UNEXPECTED ERROR: <class ‘xmlrpclib.ProtocolError’> ProtocolError f
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