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get components from location


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I am struggeling to find existing components using a sepcific location. There is this nice getComponent () function but it takes a componentID (which I don't have). I want to know basically all components assigned to a known location.


Thanks for any pointers



PS @ftrack-team: locations and components are very confusing for a ftrack beginners. The documenation is a good starting point. But it would be great if you could extend it, especially how to find components when they have been already created

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Hi Chris,


Unfortunately, at the moment we don't have a way in the API to get all the components for a location. However, I think it would be fairly straightforward for us to make Location.getComponents() and Location.getComponentAvailabilities() support this by allowing a special value for the componentIds parameter.


I have added this to our backlog1 and will let you know once it is done.


Regarding the documentation; thanks for the feedback - we will definitely make another pass on this and add both some high level diagrams and also clear examples of how to do common actions with locations and components2.







1. Internal API task link.

2. Internal documentation task link.

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