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Found 12 results

  1. Hey, I currently only have one project in Ftrack, but have multiple bookmarks to go quickly to spreadsheet view, versions view, etc. But since all bookmarks just have the project name, they all look the same. So it would be cool if it was something like: [project name] - [page name]
  2. Hi, This is not a feature request, it's just intended to know the official position about internationalization on ftrack. Do you have plans to support other languages? Is it something we (studios) can do internally, by locally translating a dictionary of terms used inside ftrack? Just wondering, it's not a high priority issue for us... Thanks, Giovani.
  3. Hello, So my producer brought up an interesting question. We were wondering if there was a way to populate notes(say from client or director) from the same spreadsheet we use to keep updating the job through import. We created custom attributes, but unless these are on the task version they just get overwritten with each update to the task or shot. Plus they don't send a notification to the artist. I guess to simplify the question, is there a way to batch notes quickly via a spreadsheet or some other way? Thanks, -JV
  4. Hi there, here's a minor UI idea that i would like to see discussed. When the sidebar in any of the project views is minimized the text is hardly readyble anymore, the icons removed and the sidebar still needs a fair bit of screen estate. Instead i propose that the sidebar minimizes to an iconbar, and the trees are then displayed as flyout menus. Here are quick mockups: Standard view: Current minimize behaviour: Proposed minimize behaviour: Proposed minimize behaviour including flyout menu: Cheers, Thorsten
  5. Hey there, we working with 3ds Max and i ask myself...there a plans for 3ds Max, like the maya integration on your roadmap? Thanks Christian
  6. Hi, When i subscribe to a events of a custom attributes, the update return me empty "keys" key sand empty "changes" keys. For example, when i change the "description" of a shot in Ftrack, i have : {u'keys': [u'description'], u'objectTypeId': u'bad911de-3bd6-47b9-8b46-3476e237cb36', u'entityType': u'task', u'entityId': u'7290bf96-ed46-11e4-999b-04011a8b0d01', u'changes': {u'description': {u'new': u'hgf', u'old': u'hgfghjn'}}}When i change a custom attribute, i have : {u'keys': [], u'objectTypeId': u'bad911de-3bd6-47b9-8b46-3476e237cb36', u'entityType': u'task', u'entityId': u'7290bf96-ed46-11
  7. Hello everyone, Is it possible that if a component has only been published to one location, the web application could automatically select that one location and display its path, rather than having to select it from the "Select location" dropdown? Locations are great and the selection dropdown makes sense when a component exists at different locations, but having to click to select the only option seems like an unnecessary step. Thanks as always, Kat
  8. There is a way to filter the inbox messages by user? Or could you include it as request feature? I think it is useful if I use ftrack for internal communication. Thank you, Aline Lima
  9. Hi I am struggeling to find existing components using a sepcific location. There is this nice getComponent () function but it takes a componentID (which I don't have). I want to know basically all components assigned to a known location. Thanks for any pointers Chris PS @ftrack-team: locations and components are very confusing for a ftrack beginners. The documenation is a good starting point. But it would be great if you could extend it, especially how to find components when they have been already created
  10. Hello! I may be mistaken but it doesn't seem there is currently a way to set the task types to be automatically alphabetized when clicking on "Any type" to filter by task type when looking at the Shots/Asset builds view of the spreadsheet. The attached screen shot of the task types displaying in a random order is an example of what I mean. Is this a feature you'd consider including? Thanks! Kat
  11. Hi, The new project Task board (Beta) is great, congrats guys! I'm really enjoying having a kanban style board in context of what you want to look, great for episodic projects. But I would love to see support for "views" just like in the spreadsheet. That way we could for instance filter all columns by a single or specific types of tasks. Currently you have to set one by one which is Ok but becomes tedious to do every time you want to focus on one department or type of task. Another thing that would be awesome to have is the ability to set user privileges for each column, that way stan
  12. Hi, It would be great to have an option to follow / unfollow items (projects, asset builds, tasks, etc.). Followers would just receive notifications in their inboxes (or mail-boxes) about changes or updates in any task down the hierarchy they have selected to follow. It could work just like an assigned user, but the term "follow" makes it more clear who is in charge of doing the task ("Assignee") and who is just observing it ("Following"). Regards, Giovani.
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