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Creating Custom Actions


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Hi all,

 I'm just starting with creating custom actions but I am having trouble getting any of them to show up. For example, just to test, I have tried adding this code, which I found on a thread here, to my  \ftrack-connect-plugins\hook\   folder- 

import ftrack_api

class TestAction(object):

    identifier = "test_action"
    label = "Test Action"

    def __init__(self, session):
        super(TestAction, self).__init__()
        self.session = session

    def register(self):
        self.session.event_hub.subscribe('topic=ftrack.action.discover and source.user.username={0}'.format(self.session.api_user), self.discover)
        self.session.event_hub.subscribe('topic=ftrack.action.launch and source.user.username={0} and data.actionIdentifier={1}'.format(self.session.api_user, self.identifier), self.launch)

    def discover(self, event):
        items = [{'label': self.label,
                  'actionIdentifier': self.identifier}]
        return {'items': items}

    def launch(self, event):
        print "Launching the App"
		return {
                'success': True,
                'message': 'Action launched successfully.'

def register(session, **kw):
    if not isinstance(session, ftrack_api.Session):
    action = TestAction(session)


However, no new actions are showing in ftrack connect or when opened from the web interface.  

I have installed the api and am able to access ftrack using python in the command line.

Is there something I'm missing to make the action work?

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