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Manage multiple projects including a task watch-list.

Kay Delventhal

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Hi there,

In our company (multiple branches) as a supervisor I have to manage multiple VFX projects at the same time.

In my login - under "Projects" - I would like to see permanently all projects that I/we/branch currently work on. - also if I am NOT working onthe projects myself. But not like the "Overview".

Currently I only get projects listed where I have tasks assigned to myself. But I need to access and check the work of other Users (artists) constantly. So I am constantly switching from project to project - and also have to remember alle the projects names by heard.

It would be  great if I could see all tasks for these projects sorted by "Projects" and "Task / Status". In a simple and fast list -> ideally I could mark single tasks (of other users) to be part of a watch-list. For easy and fast access.

Why: In our company we deal with many and often smaller VFX projects at the same time. After we did VFX and shots are going to grading. We sometimes get quick fixes which need to be process with priority. In my opinion the normal UI does not really allow effizient work with multiple projects and finding/access of tasks of other users/Artists. Please understand that even I am not actually working of the assigned tasks - the overall project performance is often influenced by the speed of my workflow.

Last not least the "Tasks" and "Versions" views slowing me down often - both are not optimal and one is forced to move back and forth a lot. Also a better and easy way of accessing the "last version" would be very helpful to assemble review-lists faster.

I hope the input and feedback help to improve ftrack and make it an even better tool,

Best Regards,


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