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  1. Thanks a lot tokejepsen! Now I start to have clear some points about configuration to run an Event Listener. If neccesary is a local storage Location to use any Event Listener plugin, then I should to fight with this before.
  2. There are news about this feature? I have seen in ftrack.com website a 'screenshot' of the ftrackreview there is appear T button, typically text tool. However in current FTrack version there is not.
  3. I'm thinking only in still images, but would be a good tool, improve the ftrackreview, adding a comparison window to load diferent versions at same time, like ProofHQ. Maybe too can load two images in the same 'framebuffer' and show one or other (basic level: switch buttons || pro-level: draggable line), like A|B typical comparison tool.
  4. http://forum.ftrack.com/index.php?/topic/516-comparison-tool-in-ftrackreview/
  5. Thanks to your explanation. So, I understanding I'll should doing local python installation on every computer that needs run any script.py, and would be enough put all .py files for event plugins on only one computer that it have a share folder accessible to the others computers on the local network. Then I guess I will have to set enviroment variable FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH pointing to share folder into each computer. A couple of questions still in my mind. Is mandatory set and configure a location, for example pointing to computer that contains eventlisteners .py files, to us
  6. Thanks so much! My problem is that I still have no clear how to run a simple event listener. As not find a basic step-by-step tutorial to do this.
  7. Thank you tokejepsen I tried this script and it return me failed importing utils. I have a lot of doubts to setup event listeners. I downloaded python-api to c:\ftrack folder in my computer, and I was create session.py with settings to connect with ftrack server using api-key. This works, and it return project list using example .py script in ftrack dev documentation. But I don't understand how it works. Where should put plugins for event listeners? If I put a .py script in my local computer, what happens when others users in other computers (and in other locations) do an
  8. Thanks for you reply. My question is more about the first thing what see an user after login in FTrack site. I think maybe a project manager wish to see Projects page or Planner page after login as the first thing, and without to be neccessary saving web-browser bookmarks. Is this possible?
  9. I would like that one specific task changes its status when a version of image is uploaded under this task. Exactly, the task should be to get the same status of the last version if this is avaiable. Example: I have a task called Preview and its status is Not Started. When I upload a the first version, task status is auto-changed to In Progress. Then, when I set the status of the version to Pending Review, the task status is auto-changed to Pending Review. Is this possible to do this? Is neccessary using a Event Listener?
  10. When I create custom attribute from System Settings>Custom Attributes, I see option to make it visible in all projects, or if custom attribute is created under project, it is avaible only for this project. However cannot choose more than one project for a custom attribute under Settings. Isn't possible do this?
  11. I need a event listener to change a custom type getting value from object.name. Exemplify this: 1. I created a custom object called Image 2. For Image object I created three new types: ambient, detail and variant 3. Image.name follow this coding: 001_ABC_XYZ_AMB01, 001_ABC_XYZ_DET01, 001_ABC_XYZ_VAR01... The event listener should be read each Image.name in the project and assign Image.type to ambient, detail, or variant according to find string in name. AMB=ambient; DET=detail; VAR=variant I readed dev docs for handling events in FTrack, but I would need a basic tutor
  12. Its possible set different start page to show after login? For example Project Manager instead MyTasks I think start page as MyTasks is good scenario for an artist, but person with other rol, like a project manager person perhaps he wants start with other page.
  13. Recently I have tried batch_create.py action from ftrack repository. I had had no success to run this action. This action use legacy ftrack api. I would like create a similar action but it cloning a exists tasks structure with incremental rename in root taskname. However my coding knowledgements are limited. There is my screen attached. Rootname could accept wildcard chars like ### to replace/rename sequencially numeric names. In my mind there is ###_GEN01_C16_AMB01 to clone incrementally: 002_GEN01_C16_AMB01 003_GEN01_C16_AMB01 004_GEN01_C16_AMB01 ...
  14. I'm playing with locations and his concept may be can be useful to my purpose. Before I was thinking about the idea of status change be listen by events and launch a external script to make uploading files by ftp. Now, a new window is open for me with locations. However I have a lot of questions after attempt to set up locations. First, theorically, if I have defined a location with a target ftp server, with a ftp accessor I could send file to this location when status change? In this case no would needed call a external script (for instance, bash script open ftp connection and get ftrack vars
  15. Alberto GZ

    FTP accessor

    Can I find a FTP accessor example?
  16. I would need can add url links under Shot/Task/Files, but this feature don't exists in Ftrack (I hope in future). For this purpose I create a Custom Attribute type Text, linked to Asset Build. The issue not seems Text type support url hyperlinking, and I need url path be easy clicking.
  17. Thank for your reply Thorsten. I was read the article from Events (Mattias already posted link) but my start questions are a little bit more basics, cos I was looking for practical tutorial (desired step by step) to configure some like this.
  18. The launchpad under Browse all section, don't get sort from Ftrack configuration and shows task in alphabetical sort.
  19. Pdf files uploaded in Shot/Files, or Shot/Task/Files, no generate/show thumbnail link like jpg files. This thumbnail have link to open with webbrowser while filename is link to download file. I find one way for show thumb icon to open pdf files with webbrowser.
  20. Some tutorial about this? Steps how to connect Ftrack with local storage, accessing local (read/write) files, etc. Scripting for extends Ftrack functions should be only in Python? A script.py located under Python.framework path and called from Ftrack action is executed? How is defined action callback name in the .py?
  21. Yes I thought use a custom script (may be bash) to upload file action. However I must be research how connect it with Ftrack (actions?) and how pharse some variables, like shotname, filepath... and before look into how Ftrack for manage local files.
  22. Would be possible configure ftrack to upload files by ftp in a specified folder for each shot entry, when a specific task status will be change to "Aproved"? In mind scheme: 1.Custom field with path for final renders of current project. 2.Custom field for final render filenane, getting this from shotname. 3.Task Post-production as upload controller. When his status is changed to "aproved",then executed a script which get path+filename and connect to ftpserver to send the file.
  23. Simply I want comment that after my first test with Client-portal, in my workplace we see very useful this tool. Specially because its have use simplicity, very important for client! From the side-client viewpoint, I think all is ok. Only a couple of enhacements in my opinion: 1. Buttons 'Aprove' and 'Require changes', would be center or right aligned? Current position make graphic compete with company logo. 2. Like FtrackReview tool, also will be nice add a text tool. I suppose will be available in both at same time. From the project-manager is need notifications when a customer make any cha
  24. Yes, I'm looking a counter for shots, like Insights widget, but I would like can show results filtered by a custom attribute. As you see in my other post, I create a custom attribute called "Photo kind" to set kind or category for shots. In my mind ambients, details, or variants. Then I would like count amount of shots but filtered by Photo_kind custom attribute.
  25. Yeah! Now runs ok! Thanks Mattias. Why enclose condition into location function? What's do it?
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