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  1. Ooooh yeas. this is such a welcome feature at the moment. If you need any beta testers
  2. would also love to export this. It's really handy to send to a client so they can conform the timeline cheers Robert
  3. Just to add a little note. We add a little thumbnail of the logo of the client we're woring on, so toyota get's a toyota logo and so on to the project thumb. If you don't provide a thumbnail for the asset or shot it should take the master./top/project thumbnail, if possible. That way you always have a thumbnail. cheers Robert
  4. Same here, this is the only thing we really miss. Just keep us posted But seeing the demo at NAB from you guys with nuke studio you're pretty busy, can't wait for that to come out. Looked so freaking amazing (sorry for the off-topic) Cheers Robert
  5. Thank's this could help a lot Cheers Robert
  6. Hi guys. It would be a big plus if we could make a our own custom layout for the emails that are send when you send the invites. Most of the times my clients think it's some sort of spam and don't even bother to look at it. Just adding our own logo and a custom text would be helpful. But even better off-course is a custom html form what we could change in the settings. Cheers Robert
  7. Was thinking about this also. We do 90% of the time fast turnaround commercials and the client want to view the whole commercial in 1 go. not shot by shot. (unless it's a full cg hero shot) so if we could have a simple splitting of the comments so thye match the shots (maybe even based on a edl or even manual input what shot goes with a framerange) this would be awesome and a big time saver. cheers |Robert
  8. As i'm thinking of it now. I would love to be able to plan the suites. So i don't have to switch between 2 programmes 1 for planning and 1 for asset/vfx planning (ftrack) Would also really love a option for simple appointments that show in "upcoming dates" in "My Tasks". so if i have a lunch with a client or even a simple reminder i need to do that day. Again so i just have 1 planning program Cheers Robert
  9. would be nice if you could link it with the google contact. but indeed a simple rember would be helpfull
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