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  1. Thanks for your reply Mattias. It depends, most of the time it is the same artist working on the task. Ofc. I could change the duration of a task without adjusting the bid days but that means I don't see if an artist is free to take over something else. As an example if I have 2 bid days for a comp task but due to waiting times for feedback, new renderings, plates whatever the end date could be 10 working days later. So the artist would be blocked, according to the gantt charts, for 10 instead of 2 days....
  2. I'd like to know if there are already plans to implement this. We have exactly the same situation and that's why our PMs are not using the planning part of ftrack completely. They actually prefer to keep their planning in MS project and this is one of the reasons. Creating subtasks is not really an option since it would require more work to set it up and additionally it would complicate our pipeline. File naming is controlled by the taskname means creating e.g., Compositing, CompRework1, CompRework2 etc would create a mess. Cheers
  3. And hopefully continue to support RV
  4. Hey, regarding a custom version number, I have some trouble with that. I published version 1 and 2, everything is ok but as soon as I skip some numbers, like publishing a version 10 as the next one, I can't switch versions in the assetmanager anymore.
  5. Hey, another thing which would be quite handy is to sort the tasks by project in the launcher. We have a lot of different projects at the same time so it can get messy.. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the answer Milan, that's a pity though
  7. Hey, any news on this? I tried the HieroPlayer with the ftrackreview plugins and I have the same problem. Only empty panels... cheers
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