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  1. Thanks Johan, looking forward to hearing more news Thanks Sanch
  2. Hi all, Hope you're well, Off the back of Remus' ticket (here: https://forum.ftrack.com/topic/1350-advanced-filter-settings-any-condition-for-all-entity-types/?tab=comments#comment-5950) I'd like to check in on an ETA for advanced filtering on multiple entity types (in particular Milestones and Tasks) I'd also like to see if there's plans in the works to be able to create global queries not set per type (Milestone, Task, Shot etc) As far as I've deduced currently there is no way we'd be able to create filters that would show us solely e.g Animation Tasks and Milestones. Using the above as an example, with the help of Remus we used a Shot Query filter of children[Task].type.name is Animation OR children[Milestone].type.name is Producing however as this is a shot query filter once it's met the criteria on a shot level it shows all of the tasks and milestones under that shot rather than filtering solely the criteria in query. For Production, Milestones and Client Deliverables are an important and critical part of scheduling from Producer to Line Producer/PM. Sadly without this I've noticed scheduling is being conducted in Excel rather than ftrack. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated! I couldn't see this on Trello / I'm not sure if Trello is still an active way of viewing the current roadmaps for ftrack?
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