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  1. Here I am to vote for this feature request. +1
  2. Hello, Is there any way to customize the file pattern ftrack store the version components? For example currently the pattern for my shot is project_dir/eps/shot/task/version but how do I change it to this form? project_dir/shot/task/version Cheers.
  3. Hello, Sorry if this has been requested before. It looks like the "Generate report" in client review doesn't support unicode (such as Chinese character) atm. Cheers. John
  4. Hello, After installing ftrack connect I failed to find applications except Maya. And after some digging work I found it seems that the application searching path is hardcoded to under "C:\"(ftrack-connect/ connect version: 1.1.7/1.1.1). As considerable amount of windows user will install their DLC to "D:\", it would be necessary to have the searching rule customizable. Cheers. John
  5. Thanks Lorenzo. I read the link before. Maybe the confusion is due to of 99% of my experience the asset is coupled with task so I found it unecessary to introduce another layer of version space(specifically in my case). Cheers mate.
  6. Hello Mattias thanks for the explanation. What is confusing me is, why I have to use asset to bundle versions instead of straightforward using task? To me it would be more intuitive. The asset name "Car" I used as example might be a little bit misleading. Let's say "shooting_stars" as both animator and effect artist need to contribute their work, in the condition that they both need "shooting_stars" as the descriptive name, one of them will be experiencing a hard time when trying to figure out why version num don't start from v1. I think what I expect is version increasing in under each Task, so artists from different task won't be bothered by potential version num conflict from other tasks(departments). For now this can be done by manually differentiating the asset names between tasks or customizing publishing wrapper using API. But if that's the case the question is back to be, why version is bundled that way? Version log of "shooting_stars": Animation v1 v2 v3 v5 v6 Effect v4 v7 v8 What I expect: Animation v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 Effect v1 v2 v3
  7. Hi there, For the time being I've been told the version is under the space of asset, which is furtherly belonging to one shot. Whenever you publish a version, an asset is required(either new or existing one). But I'm not very clear why the version and asset have to be coupled? To me it leads to inevitable version number clashes between tasks. Let's say we have a shot to create a rolling crashing car. The animator may specify the asset as "car" when publishing, while the visuall effect artist may specify an exactly the same asset name, i.e. "car". So by the time the animator has 40 "car" version published, the first version of "car" under effect task would be 41, which is confusing(should be 1). Am I using it in a wrong way? Cheers.