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  1. In regards to "The environment variable will tell the session object where to pick up its plugins (the resolve in this case)." does the specific "session object" live in browser? Because it definitely doesn't start locally in any python intepreter as one can browse ftrack web without python installed.
  2. John Su

    Fails to encode media

    Sure. Could you tell me where the log is? Cheers.
  3. The environment variables can affect the local python created session object. But isn't the session that generate the web page on server end? So locally setting ftrack variables won't affect the web page. Is it right? Or did I misuse the word "web"? Just to be clear I mean the ftrack web page interface, not through customized python client.
  4. John Su

    Fails to encode media

    I tried movs with size of 232M, 64M. I can provide log if I know where it is. Let me know if you need it.
  5. Sorry I have to bother you again. Because it still doesn't work, nor did I get the logic. Could you talk a little bit more detail about how the component path in ftrack web page get resolved by script under $FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH? I think that's the part confused me most. ftrack web page is displayed in web browser, the browser might know the environment variable but how does the script get involved?( there's even no python interpreter on the machine that's running the web browser).
  6. Hello, ftrack fails to encode mov file using API. I tried mov encoded with Apple ProRes 4444 and Apple ProRes 422 HQ but both failed. The status shows up "Failed" in Jobs slider. The way I'm encoding it is: asset_version.encode_media(media_path) Also I tried encode a media on ftrack.server but didn't get any luck. It works with pictures though. Any clue? Thanks.
  7. Yes it shoud be working but doesn't. Should I set $FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH on web server end?
  8. Hi Lorenzo it's correctly resolved for now but I have 2 questions: 1. It seems that the under ftrack-connect installation directory is not found by ftrack web. It works as expected after I put it under $FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH. Is this a normal behaviour? 2. Now It works with the help of ftrack-connect. Without it the local session is fine but I failed to get it found by ftrack web. Any suggestion? Thank you.
  9. Thanks for your insightful answer! I'll have a try and bump this thread up if there's further question!
  10. Thanks Lorenzo, it works after launching ftrack connect(don't know it has to be with connect before). Is there anyway I can get it work without ftrack-connect? We've wrapped all the publish/actions launcher entrace so except for this we don't need ftrack-connect. It would be great if there's a way we can do it without ftrack-connect. Cheers.
  11. It's worth mentioning that the path is 100% available by "location.get_component_availability()" even though it's red.
  12. Hello, I just attached a file as a component to a version but it shows up red in the browser. I did some googling and found this thread: But it doesn't solve my problem. The structure I used can be reproduced using: (Sorry the real code is inside intranet I have no way to bring it out): class ConfigurationiStructure(StandardStructure): def _get_parts(self, component): return ['play', 'asset_a', 'v003'] And the way I'm using the structure is, location.structure = ConfigurationStructure() version.create_component( r'd:\test_upload.jpg', {'name': 'ftrackreview-image'}, location=location ) Also I noticed that when I click Review button in the component, the review page shows up but with an error "A server error occurred. Please try again or contact support.” and it fails to load any media. Any help would be appreciated
  13. Oh it refers to Session.pick_location() I think. Sorry for my clumsy question.
  14. Hello, when configuring location, the priority property can be specified as mentioned in the doc(😞 # Set a priority which will be used when automatically picking locations. # Lower number is higher priority. location.priority = 30 My question is, what does "picking location" mean? i.e when and how does this happen? Cheers.
  15. John Su

    Authenticate a user

    Is there any news of this feature request?