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ftrack connect linux - bad escape (end of pattern) at position 19


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We're tyring to get ftrack connect up and running. We have a baseline install of Rocky8. The app launches fine and installs the plugins ok too.

Though after installing the plugins when it restarts we invariably get what seems to be a python .re error. The number and what plugins we install doesn't make any difference.

The error seems to be in the core: ui/application.py. Once we click Ok the app just closes itself.

We're migrating our pipeline and evaluating ftrack at the moment but this seems like a show stopper. Any thoughts?

Attaching a screengrab and the logs.



Rocky Linux 8

Python 3.6

ftrack-Connect-2.1.1-C8 / ftrack Connect-2.0.0rc6-C8 (tried an earlier release to rule out a specific release bug. Happens in both versions though)





ftrack_connect.log ftrack_application_launcher.log

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On 11/17/2023 at 5:42 PM, Annabelle said:

Solution: Remove all Users/henriknorin/Documents/ftrack/dev/... from the pasterize, futurize and normalizer files. The #!Users/henriknorin/Documents/ftrack/dev/... is a path, not a comment and it points to an unexisting python lib on your system. 

Definintely a step towards the solution. Unfortunatelly, didn't work in my case although the error message changed from "position 17" to "position 19"... I even tried to replace the above mentioned line with 


instead of just removing it, with no success either...

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