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Possible bug: impossible to have no look applied with OCIO active


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I'm testing Cinesync 5.3.2 with a custom OCIO config that contains a handful of looks.
In the Colour Grading panel under OCIO, I can choose "Input Color Space", "Look" and "Output Color Space". Color spaces work fine, but there is always a look applied, no matter if I choose "None" or one of my looks.

Expected behaviour:
When I choose "None" for Look, no look should be applied to the viewport.

Actual behaviour: 
When I choose "None", the look selected last before choosing "None" is still active in the viewport.

Does anyone have a solution for this?   I don't want to touch the OCIO config as it is working fine in many other applications, like Nuke, Maya, UE.



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Hi Marcus,

I've tested this with ACES OCIO config and have noticed that selecting ‘None’ for any Transform (not just Look) once it has been populated does not clear the previously selected Transform (screen recording of behaviour here)

Can you confirm this behaviour with other Transforms (eg, input) in your case?







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thank you for testing. Yes, I can reproduce this as well. 

It does not matter that much for the in/out color spaces as you always would need at least one selected on each. For the Looks though you need to have one "neutral" or "none" selectable.  Which is our current workaround: adding a "neutral" look to the ocio config that does nothing.


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