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Getting started with ftrack API and reviewing locally


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Hello, I am new to ftrack, and am at the moment just trying to see what is possible.


I'm interested in using ftrack connect to publish renders and project files to a centralised storage.

On the project I am working on, we have to render three different versions of the same shot - an image sequence and two "preview" MOVs.

I know by default, ftrack copies all these files into a file path that matches ftrack itself, e.g. project/episode/shot/task...

But is it possible to use the API to customise how that structure is set up?

So could I customise it to automatically copy files to the right location on our central server, but copy them into my customised structure?

And would it be possible to do something like automatically sort the three renders, depending on their names/file extensions, and put them into specific locations?

Apologies if these are basic questions, but I'm just trying to gauge what is possible.


I'm not actually 100% if it is possible to publish image sequences using ftrack connect? I have seen it mentioned in a few places, but haven't figured out what the process is to do that. Although I know it's not possible to encode them into a preview.


In addition to this, I had question about reviewing local files.

Can ftrack be set up to review versions, using the original local file, using either cinesync or hieroplayer? I noticed on the website, that the hieroplayer integration is still in development.

Say if I publish a MOV and an image sequence, could the MOV be encoded to be a web playable preview? And then either the original MOV or image sequence be used to review the full quality local file in it's original location?


I'd appreciate any help on these topics.

Even if anyone is able to just point me in the right direction as a good place to get started, I'd find that really helpful.


Thank you so much.

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