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New Beta Release: ftrack Studio x Unreal Engine 5 Integration


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The Beta release of our new ftrack Studio x Unreal Engine 5 integration is available today, presenting a new way to take your real-time production workflows to the next level. 

The ftrack Studio x Unreal Engine 5 integration leverages ftrack’s new Connect framework, the ftrack Studio API, and the Unreal Engine 5 SDK to empower seamless communications between the two platforms and make it easier to publish image sequences and movies back into your ftrack Studio workspace. From there, you can track and manage your versions, add notes, and review the material as it passes through your real-time pipeline. 

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Beta features:

  • Image Sequence Publisher: Choose the image sequence you have rendered previously and publish this back to ftrack to easily manage your project’s progress.
  • Reviewable Assets: Choose a movie you have previously created and publish it back to ftrack to review a shot or sequence of shots from Unreal.
  • Assembler: Load any asset previously published from another DCC using the pipeline framework.

Coming Soon

  • Shot Publisher: Create shots in Unreal Engine 5 and publish them back to ftrack Studio without needing to pre-build this structure in your studio. This is perfect for pre-vis when developing the sequence from a script or trying new ideas and will keep the production flexible in its early stages.

To get started with the ftrack Studio x Unreal Engine 5 integration, simply fire up ftrack Connect

The ftrack Studio x Unreal Engine 5 integration represents a decisive step forward in our support of virtual production workflows. This integration promises to make your real-time production processes more efficient and cost-effective and give you more time to be creative, taking you one step closer to realizing the potential of technology-powered storytelling.

As ever, thank you for your continued support!

All the best,
The ftrack team


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