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Stephen Jones

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I’ve only recently been looking into FTrack, I’ve gone through a few the webinars/ tutorials/ documentation. I haven’t found anything about emails or changing notifications besides the turning off/on of certain statuses. Several of the departments at my company have complained about email notification spam to the point they’ve disabled email notifications altogether. Is it possible to create more customized email notifications? One example of what they are looking for is an email notification if a pending review has been idle for 3+ days. Any direction would help.


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Hey Stephan,

Thanks for reaching out.

There are some built in features like the email digest function to limit how often notifications are bundled and sent

https://help.ftrack.com/en/articles/1040511-managing-your-account#:~:text=your selected information.-,Include in digest email,-- This setting

and the standard Email notification settings


Creating messages and UI notifications is pretty straightforward (see link posted below), but there's not a great way to manipulate who will get notified of a thing.  You'd have to examine every update and create event that comes in, then decide whether to send something and to whom.




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