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task update event: changes empty


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When I update a task assignee I can receive the following event:

{'action': 'update',
 'changes': None,
 'entityId': '8c59f5de-6465-4144-9296-8990728e2baa',
 'entityType': 'task',
 'entity_type': 'Task',
 'keys': ['userids'],
 'objectTypeId': '11c137c0-ee7e-4f9c-91c5-8c77cec22b2c',
 'parentId': 'b1278ca3-619c-4743-9252-ffcdfdf1509d',
 'parents': [{'entityId': '8c59f5de-6465-4144-9296-8990728e2baa',
              'entityType': 'task',
              'entity_type': 'Task',
              'parentId': 'b1278ca3-619c-4743-9252-ffcdfdf1509d'},
             {'entityId': 'b1278ca3-619c-4743-9252-ffcdfdf1509d',
              'entityType': 'task',
              'entity_type': 'Shot',
              'parentId': '98307db5-a299-4421-ac13-e6bdefb857d3'},
             {'entityId': '98307db5-a299-4421-ac13-e6bdefb857d3',
              'entityType': 'task',
              'entity_type': 'Sequence',
              'parentId': '571d57d2-0cad-4e38-9883-1707b81861ce'},
             {'entityId': '571d57d2-0cad-4e38-9883-1707b81861ce',
              'entityType': 'task',
              'entity_type': 'Folder',
              'parentId': 'b17dfa3f-fd34-47f2-b287-8978601c4f61'},
             {'entityId': 'b17dfa3f-fd34-47f2-b287-8978601c4f61',
              'entityType': 'task',
              'entity_type': 'Folder',
              'parentId': '5f90501e-1651-11ed-b371-4e9078e1c474'},
             {'entityId': '5f90501e-1651-11ed-b371-4e9078e1c474',
              'entityType': 'show',
              'entity_type': 'Project',
              'parentId': None}]}

While I can deduce from the 'keys' value that the userids were changed, the 'changes' value is empty. I was expecting the 'old' and 'new' assigned userids to be stored there.
Is there a way for me to retrieve the information of the old and newly assigned user?


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