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how to select whole entity in ftrack javascript api?


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well, in python api I can get entity object like this:

entity_obj = session.query("Task where id is {some_id}").first()

Can I do something like that in javascript api to get whole object? Not only separate fields, like id, name or whatever...

I ask this, because to create some entities I have to put whole object to the data argument of create function.


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Hi @lastmatador,

The Python automatically fetches default projections for you. You have to manually specify the projections you want to load with the Javascript API. You can use the default projections from the schema as follows:

const entityType = 'Task'
const projection = session.schemas.find(
  (schema) => schema.id === entityType

const response = await session.query(`select ${projection.join(',')} from ${entityType} limit 1`);

The schema also has a list of properties for the entity type, so you could use that list to extract all the property names if you wanted to load _everything_ instead of just the default ones.

I hope this helps!


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