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Make web-playable movie for image sequences

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I am currently trying to automatically get web-playable movies when publishing the sequnces of frames. I'd like to discuss whether it's an optimal way of doing this and to ask some questions.

I am registering for "ftrack.location.component-added" event, get the location and the component, check if a component's "system_type" is "sequence", ask the location to provide a file system path to frames, create a movie from these frames and fire up the "ftrack.connect.publish.make-web-playable" event providing the version id and the movie file path.

The movie is generated fine, the event is published but nothing new is added to my version, the movie is not there. If I try to publish these frames together with this movie manually (by selecting the movie as web-playable in the ftrack connect), everything works as expected.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.



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Actually, I've been able to fix this by inspecting the "make_non_encoding_web_playable.py" example.

On more question though.

When the "ftrack.location.component-added" event is fired up, the event['data'] contains either "component_id" and "location_id" (when the client uses the new ftrack connect) or "componentId" and "locationId" (when the client uses the old one). So I need to check both. Is it an expected behavior?


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