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  1. Moving the 1st task while holding Control (i.e. delaying both start and due date) works well, every selected tasks are moved. But when resizing the 1st task while holding Control (i.e. delaying only the due date) I only get what you can see in my 2nd screenshot. I may miss another step...
  2. Hi, I have, say, 3 tasks. The 2nd one will start when the 1st one is finished and the 3rd one will start when the 3rd one is finished. If I delay the 1st task due date (while not modifying the start date) by, say, 1 week, I would like to have the 2nd and 3rd tasks start and due date shifted by 1 week. Holding down Command/Control or choosing all tasks and drag does not achieve what I am looking for. What I would like to get, looks like this :
  3. Hi Ftrack Community, The export to excel format function is very nice, however I would like to export the Start Date too. How could I achieve that ?
  4. Hi Ftrack Community, In our production configuration, we have consecutive tasks (e.g. Design, Modeling and Surfacing) that need to be done one after the other. So Modeling can only start if Design is finished and Surfacing can only start if Modeling is finished. What I want to achieve is to be able to delay the Due Date in the Gantt Schedule View (by draging the task bar to the right, the usual way) of the first task and that it shifts the next tasks accordingly (e.g. if I delay the due date of the Design by one week, I want the start and due date of Modeling and Surfacing to be delayed by one week too). We even have episodes, meaning that they should be considered as nested tasks : the delay of an episode should delay the next ones (and of course all of the tasks inside). At first I thought that the links that one can make between tasks would achieve that, but it appears that it is not the case. Or I may be blind Anyway I still wonder what function do the links have... I believe that it may require some Python scripting for that. If it it is the case could you please point me to the right direction ?