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  1. Hey guys, I have a couple of things that would really encourage my team to use the AE extension more efficiently! When I select a composition to Publish, it would be great if there were a search tool when selecting composition, render settings and output modules. Our facility creates content for complex video projections, so our AE projects sometimes have up to hundreds of necessary comps in them, making it an ordeal to find the right one in the list when an artist tries to publish something. Something to consider as well is the ability to select a specific item from the render queue, instead of being limited to the presets. For reasons too boring to explain here, we mostly use custom durations (not work area or length of comp) and there isn't a way to save specific durations as a preset (and it would be quite a pain to manage). Finally, is there a way to send to the ae render-engine when publishing via the plug-in? Right now, when you render a composition, it just ties up AE for the time that the render takes, making me unable to work on anything else, which is a bit counter-productive. thanks!
  2. Hi! Ftrack newbie here, I've been lurking around the forums but can't seem to find any clear info about managing image sequences. Please redirect me if this topic has already been addressed. Since Adobe CC 2018 has dropped Quicktime Support, we've been rendering exclusively in image sequences and usually wait until final approval before encoding in QT using ffmpeg in the Powershell. I've read that Connect recognizes image sequences when the content of the folder is dropped in the publish tab. I've succeeded at uploading them but when I check them in the web player, I cannot play them.. the thumbnail is greyed out and it's written "not available". Same result when I use the extension for After Effects. (And anyways it hogs AE for the entire time that it takes to render out a sequence, but that's another issue). I'm guessing that most of you coming from the VFX world are also using image sequence workflows, so how are you guys uploading reviewable image sequences without encoding them to Quicktimes ??