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  1. Hi Eric. I closed the session to be sure no there is nothing problematic in my commit. Your solution posted above worked fine. So you're right, I was having issues in the commit that were throwin errors. When status are not valid for the task, the error message is explicit, so that was not the problem. Thanks for your help
  2. got my answer from a post sent almost in the same time ( One has to use the 'status_id', not 'status' key: my_task['status_id'] = status_list[9]['id'] Thanks Mattias Lagergren for the solution !
  3. Hi, I'm searching a way to update Task status when launching a particular action. (the Action launches After Effects, and I want the task's status to be updated from Not Started to In Progress) I tried : task.setStatus("In Progress") >>>> AttributeError: 'Task' object has no attribute 'setStatus' I tried : task['status']['name'] = "In Progress" => it changes the name of the status in the UI. And I have to go to the system settings / statuses to revert this. I understand I change the display name of the status object itself, and not the status / state of the task. I tried : status = session.query('Status').all() my_task['status'] = status[8] session.commit() I wanted to set the status attribute with a Status Object, but... >>>> ftrack_api.exception.ServerError: Server reported error: PermissionError(Permission denied: not allowed to 'update' 'StatusType'. Operation 'update' can never be done on 'StatusType'.) I'm sure (actually I hope...) I'm missing something trivial... Any help appreciated ^^ Thanks.