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  1. Hello, Is there any plan to upgrade to the newest stable MariaDB to make use of JSON columns? Something that has been cumbersome is dealing with custom attributes. It would be nice expand querying custom attributes to mimic the metadata attribute, instead of parsing through a different data table. This comes into play when dealing with tasks and date management, but can be expanded into a number of other areas and entities. Cheers, Jarvis
  2. cjarv

    Getting tasks that are linked to the current task

    Hi Mattias, This link does not seem to be working. Can you provide a functioning link to the documentation? Cheers, Jarvis
  3. cjarv

    split tasks

    +1 to this feature. It would really help in the different stages of a task. Such as first look, submitting temps, proposed final, and final. Then we could shift each of these pieces! Thanks for the post on this!