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  1. Hi Mattias! Want to up this topic... It was perfect when we upload through web interface, but it makes impossible of using different asset types. I tried different ways uploading dailies by "ftrack-connect" but it always versioning files by itself, starting from v1, which is not convinient. Is anyway to prevent it? Or make ftrack-connect publish work the same as upload through web-ui? Regards, Denis.
  2. Sorry for late response, was on travel. Thank you! That helps.
  3. Hi everyone! Is it possible to prevent ftrack from automatic versioning? And force it to use filenames instead? (for example CLP-0300_v01.mov instead of Cleanup v1) We have a version system inside the studio, and it's confuses us a little bit then Ftrack makes it owns versions. Like "Edit v1" ? Or I miss something? Please advise. Regards, Denis.
  4. Yes, we need to implement this scheme. So I would like to dig further in it. Please advise
  5. Could be. But this doesn't work. Something wrong with a filters. I've contacted tech support. Works ony if I choose the range from 26 till 27 November to see the tasks for today. Week range shows nothing.
  6. Hello! Is any task dependency inside ftrack implemented? For example for shot I have 3 tasks: fx, render, compositing. "Compositing" is a final one. And if I change the status of "Compositing" to "Complete" I want all other task to set status to "Complete" automatically. Thanks.
  7. Hello! I have a tasks which expires today. Looking for a way to see it clearly, like an alert or at least in the top of the list. 1. Using filters - see screenshot - nothing. Looks like it doesn't work even. Filter by task due date today/ 2. If I switch on alarm in past on a Due date it shows red, but then the scene is collapsed I don't see this task inside which about to expire but only the date of the latest task. (we have scene->shots->tasks hierarchy) Is any way to make more clear view for tasks which expired or going to expire soon? Regards, Denis.
  8. Woo-hoo! All the secret is in the double-click. Many Thanks.
  9. Hi! Is it possible to mass change the tasks status? Like to select all tasks inside the shot and make them from "Not Started" to "In progress"? And also in any way to setup the default value for "Bid hours" and "Due date" ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Eric, Thank you. Will follow your advice. Regards, Denis.
  11. Hi Eric, Yes, i was just typing this. This is exactly that happening here! Is it possible to adjust position of side panel in this case, or I should close inbox tab and keep working? Thanks.
  12. Hi! Is it possible to jump from inbox to current task mentioned in comments? There is a link below comment, then I click on it - nothing happens. Is this suppose to be so? Thanks.
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