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  1. Hello, I am trying to understand what the criteria is for sorting tasks from a CSV import. I have tried several combinations starting each task object with numbers 1-14 ( example attached ), as well as A-7. The map data screen shows the task order correctly ( attached ), but the Import Summary view re-arranges the tasks into a seemingly random order regardless of the task object prefix. Can someone please explain how ftrack sorts CSV task object types?
  2. Hi, Our team is wondering what type of expression we can use to filter the latest notes on the project. We would like a quick way to have the latest posts on the project on top.
  3. Our team is having a similar issue. We want to understand how to get the notes created at the task level to propagate to the group assigned at the folder level. This is a big issue for us because we have supervisors for each set of tasks that fall under that folder. See attached example. We do not want to assign the supervisor at the manager level, because we don't want them getting the hundreds of notifications not related to the tasks they are assigned to supervise. In addition, the artist commenting on the task sometimes forget to add the supervisor to the email and the task is miss
  4. We would like to extend the selected task darkened bar to the Schedule Gant View. This would allow us to more easily see the selected task in complex Gant views.
  5. We would like to have the ability to turn snapping on and off in the Schedule Gant view when moving or creating a task. We would like to snap to the end ,or beginning of a task and we would like to snap to a user defined time segment like day, half-day, hour, beginning of week. This would help set up complex sets of tasks. Cheers Eric
  6. We would like to request the ability to double click, or right a click task in the Schedule Gant to enter task time manually. Currently you have to try and pull the handle and it is difficult to get exactly the amount of time you want.
  7. Hello, We would like to request that the zoom up, or increase the magnification feature of the Schedule Gant would stay fixed on the current view. Currently anytime you increase the magnification of the Schedule view the window snaps to the front of the project and you have to navigate back to the spot in the Schedule you were working on. This adds a great deal of time to developing a complex schedule. Thank you Eric
  8. Hello, We would like the Schedule Gant to include the option for Automatic Forward task dependency. This option would allow us to move or change the length of a task and it would move all linked tasks link ahead of it forward. We currently use this feature in MS Project and are finding it very difficult to live without. Cheers Eric
  9. Hi all, Hey this is my first post to the forum. Thank you for your support When I copy and paste a folder of tasks and milestones the ordering is rearranged in the copied folder. I would expect that the order of tasks would remain the same. I am using Manual Sort feature. Cheers Eric
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