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  1. HI Guys, I want to delete particular asset from shot.But am not able to delete below mentioned Asset object. Asset Object: <asset('{'typeid': None, 'name': 'review', 'assetid': '935b5110-621b-4bf4-8b46-f0ed8decfd4e', 'context_id': 'b8e26b24-8bd4-11e6-8556-001e67d20c13', 'entityType': 'asset', 'taskid': None, 'entityId': '935b5110-621b-4bf4-8b46-f0ed8decfd4e'}')>
  2. Thanks for quick response. Exactly that`s what i was asking for Yes we can tag new version as a latest_version, but when we will create new version then we will have to untag (i.e. reset) the older versions, correct? If correct, then its better to sort the versions and get the latest version rather than creating new attribute/tag (to get/set latest version) so when can this feature be available ?
  3. Hi Guys, how to query current AssetVersion from ftrack new API? I am using below mentioned command, that returns all the versions. but i don`t know which one is latest. asetVer = session.query('AssetVersion where asset.parent.id is "f0674960-3496-11e6-98b0-02420a5c000c" and asset.type.short is "geom" and asset.name is "geom"').all()
  4. Sure, session = ftrack_api.Session() project = session.query('Project where name is "toy"').one() project_schema = project['project_schema'] default_seq_status = project_schema.get_statuses('Sequence')[1] # 'Ready to start' seqtype = session.query('Sequence').first() sequence = session.create('Sequence') sequence['name']='222' sequence['parent']=project sequence['status']=default_seq_status sequence['type']=seqtype session.commit()
  5. Thanks Mattias for reply, above "Status" error has been gone!! But i just want to create Sequence object without any children. Code is sequence = session.create('Sequence') sequence['name']='333' sequence['parent']=project sequence['status']=default_sequence_status sequence['type']=seqtype session.commit() Error is : ServerError: Server reported error: KeyError('tasks')
  6. session.commit() /python2.7/site-packages/ftrack_api/session.py in commit(self) 1157 # Process batch. 1158 if batch: -> 1159 result = self._call(batch) 1160 1161 # Clear recorded operations. /python2.7/site-packages/ftrack_api/session.py in _call(self, data) 1526 ) 1527 self.logger.error(error_message) ->1528 raise ftrack_api.exception.ServerError(error_message) 1529 1530 return result ServerError: Server reported error: HTTPPaymentRequi
  7. code is: project = session.query('Project where name is "my_test"').one() sequence = session.create('Sequence', { 'name': '055', 'parent': project }) shot = session.create('Shot', { 'name': '099', 'parent': sequence }) session.commit() Error is: ServerError: Server reported error: HTTPPaymentRequired(The status is not valid for this object) Any suggestion??
  8. Hi Guys, I am facing problem during the create and shot entry with ftrack new API. I am ruing same example code which is given in migrating_from_old_api to new Api New API: code link: http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/release/migrating_from_old_api.html?highlight=sequence But i am facing Below mention error. ServerError: Server reported error: HTTPPaymentRequired(The status is not valid for this object) Any suggestion??
  9. HI, I have question about "Scene data Publish" from Tasks: Layout, Blocking, Animation like abcCache, animCurve, camera, review. For example: we have a scene of 2 players playing Badminton. Here, we have: * 2 Badminton players, * 2 Badminton rackets * 1 ball all above assets are referenced in maya. Please suggest us a way to efficiently create a structure in FTrack, so as to Manage the: * "Tasks" (Layout, Blocking, Animation, Lighting,...), * "Assets" (Player1, Racket, Ball,..), * "Versions" (abcCache version, say for the Animation Task or any other Task)
  10. Thanks Remus Avram, i tried and it worked but how to set the metadata after/while creating the Links using FTrack Web interface and api ?
  11. Hi Mattias, for example, i have AssetBuilds like Table, Fan, Chair, Tree, etc. could you please suggest me how to add the above AssetBuilds in the Shots using FTrack Web interface. Also, please guide us how to add or query the number/name(s) of AssetBuilds in respective Shot(s).
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