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  1. Hi eight ! Thanks for your answer. I tried various method to get (in one query) task, task name, task status and assignated users using projection, but I wasn't able to make it works... This is the same problem with the custom attributes. If someone have an code example to show how to do that, I would be very happy
  2. Hi ! I'm trying to get all project's tasks with users assignated to them in the less possible query. session = ftrack_api.Session() tasks = session.query('Task where project.full_name is "' + projectName + '" ').all() session.populate(tasks, 'name,,' ) for task in tasks : with session.auto_populating(False) : if len(task['assignments'])> 0 : print( task['assignments'][0]['resource'] ) I get this : <Appointment(9c76e170-f0d6-11e5-861a-42010af00076)> But when I try to get ressource attribute value from this, it's empty. str( task['assignments'][0]['resource']) return "NOT SET", That must be caused by auto_populating(False) So perhaps I need to modify my query ? Cause if I remove auto_populating(False), I'm afraid that is gonna be slow; Best regards