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  1. Hi Team, I've just noticed that PDF exported reports show all Chinese characters as square boxes. I've updated my adobe reader to the latest version and installed a relevant language pack but the character are still being displayed the same way. Please help? Is there anything I can do on my machine to make this work? Thanks!
  2. Ah ha! Got it! Cheers, sorry about the very noob questions
  3. Thanks again for replying tokejepsen! No, the problem is more what happens when the button is pressed. Right now when the user presses "Submit", the script basically runs again, like in a loop. Is there a way to quit the script instead when the button is pressed? The only piece of information returned is honestly just the shot count, generating a report just to display one number will seem like overkill for our users. Cheers!
  4. Hi there, Sorry this seems like it should be super simple, so I may just be missing something here... Basically all I want is to run an action that will display the number of shots the user selects, preferably on a UI window that only shows a label and the shot count. But the only way to output a UI window seems to be to return 'items', and even then the button on the form is always 'Submit'. Is there a way to print a 'Done' button instead, and when the button is pressed, the form disappears and the action concludes? Or is there simply a better way to display information to the user within the web interface? Thanks for the help. Cheers!
  5. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if there's a way to set shot statuses to automatically change to Done (or whatever the status for completion is) when all its tasks' statuses have been changed to Done? Thanks!