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  1. Hi all, it would be great to add native web-proxy support to the ftrack connect app on Windows. I tried to work around this with using environment-variables ("FTRACK_PROXY" and "HTTP_PROXY" etc.) with no success. The app just returns a "Failed to connect to event server" error-message. Regards, Carl
  2. Hi all, I've got a similar problem. Currently I am on a windows machine behind a proxy trying to get Connect 0.2.0 to communicate with ftrack Since there is no way to enter any proxy settings in the app, Mattias from support pointed me to the "FTRACK_PROXY" environment variable. With that in place using "user:password@server:port" I now get the "Failed to connect to event server at https://account.ftrackapp.com" error message. Any ideas on how I could get that connection to work? Cheers, Carl PS: I installed connect on a different machine without proxy (via a freshly downloa
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