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  1. Milan - if you ever do get the time I will be very thankful. David - Glad to see another in the same situation. Good luck with the trial, I initially gave up on ftrack, and then tried it again just before the end of the trial and the second time it just clicked, once you get a grasp on it and its intricacies and limitations, turns out to be quite powerful. ----- Personally, without knowing if there are any limitations that make what I am requesting a bit difficult, a bit surprised this is not an 'official' function, as I could see it speeding up workflow for most users who don't have th
  2. Hi there, Just to set expectations, my coding skills are incredibly weak, otherwise would have attempted to investigate making an action to do this, and if it is possible. I am wondering if it is possible to add an extra feature to the Connect app, where when a plugin does not exist for the applications you use (in my case, Lightwave, zBrush, Mari and Modo), would it be possible to have a command where when you chose the appropriate action, connect opens the directory the file is located in, allowing you to quickly double click the file to load it. In the version of the asset, the locati
  3. Just want to +1 this as this was the first feature that I went looking for when experimenting with ftrack.
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