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Hi! I'm trying to send a  .mov video of a shot to ftrack using the python api but i'm having some problems

my code:

def sendVideo(asset,task):
    version = session.create('AssetVersion', {'asset': asset,'task': task})

    server_location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.server"').one()
    filepath = "my/path/to/videos/"
    component = version.create_component(path= filepath ,data={'name': ''}, location= server_location)

shot = session.query("Shot where name is \"EP101_SHOT0010\"").first()
task = session.query("Task where is \"EP101_SHOT0010\"").first()


 but when i try to run this code i get this error at the last line:


ftrack_api.exception.LocationError: Failed to register components with location <ServerLocation("ftrack.server", 3a372bde-05bc-11e4-8908-20c9d081909b)> due to error:
    Server reported error: KeyError('versions')
    Transferred component data that may require cleanup: [(<dynamic ftrack FileComponent object 2158043712>, '29715fa3-488c-46d2-9d3d-677711776c7d')]

I'm following this tutorial here:

Do you guys have an idea of what can it be?



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Oh yeah "asset" is actually shot. My function actually receive the shot from outside but to simplify the OP sample i put it inside the function and forgot to change the name. I'm going to edit the OP.

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On 06/09/2017 at 4:23 AM, Mattias Lagergren said:

I think that is most likely the issue. The asset in this case must be an "Asset" entity:

asset = session.create('Asset', {'name': ...})


I tried to create an Asset,make the shot be the parent of it and send the asset to that function but the same error is happening. Here is the code:


shot = session.query("Shot where name is \""  + "EP101_SHOT0010" + "\"").first()
newAsset = session.create("Asset",{'name': "101_010",'type': "Shot",'parent': shot})
task = session.query("Task where is \""  + "EP101_SHOT0010" + "\"").first()
sendVideo(newAsset,task) #same function as in OP.

Any idea of what is missing? thanks!


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