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how to fetch custom_attributes in a query?

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I'm trying to figure out a query to retrieve all or selected custom_attributes in a query. I have some custom attributes on a project and my session has autopopulating turned OFF.

project = session.query('select custom_attributes from Project where name is "{0}"'.format(name)).one()

if I try to access my custom attribute "foo" the value of it is not set

print project['custom_attributes']['foo']

I tried to pass the attribute name directly to the query but that in key error

project = session.query('select custom_attributes.foo from Project where name is "{0}"'.format(name, key)).one()
> ServerError: Server reported error: KeyError(u"No attribute u'foo' exists for schema u'CustomAttributeValue'.")

is it possible to fetch custom attributes in the main query?

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so this syntax seems to only retriveve boolean attributes or maybe just a first boolean. When I tested it before I had only one bollean custom attribute and it seemed to work. but it fails with more

        project = session.query('select custom_attributes.value from Project where name is 1').one()
        for a in project['custom_attributes']:
            print "{0} - {1}".format(a, project['custom_attributes'][a])

        shot = session.query('select custom_attributes.value from Shot where project.name is 1').first()

        for a in shot['custom_attributes']:
            print "{0} - {1}".format(a, shot['custom_attributes'][a])


QTforWips - False
width - NOT_SET
height - NOT_SET
fps - NOT_SET

fend - NOT_SET
handles - NOT_SET
frameIn - NOT_SET
frameOut - NOT_SET
handleFrameIn - NOT_SET
handleFrameOut - NOT_SET
duration - NOT_SET
fstart - NOT_SET
fps - NOT_SET

`QtForWips` was my first test attribute and it has the value retrieved.

back to the original question. is it possible to retrieve custom attributes?

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Hi Pawel,

you should be able to fetch all the custom attributes and their values with the syntax you first suggested : 

session = ftrack_api.Session(auto_populate=False)

project =  session.query(
    'select custom_attributes.value from Project'

for key, value in project['custom_attributes'].items():
    print key, value


Could you check what server version and api version you are running with the code below:

import ftrack_api

session = ftrack_api.Session()

print 'ftrack version "{0}" and api version "{1}"'.format(
	session._server_information.get('version'), ftrack_api.__version__








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