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We have just released a new version of ftrack-connect 0.6.2 ( This is a major release as all ftrack connect plugins have been updated to no longer use our legacy API and instead use the new API. This change will improve performance across the board, as well as lead to a quicker development cycle. In addition, we are including our new Beta plugins for Maya and Nuke built around the open source project, Pyblish (

Backwards compatibility with the old location plugins and actions are achieved through the ftrack-location-compatibility plugin ( While old locations and actions will continue to function, we highly recommend that you start looking at migrating your plugins and locations, please have a look at the migration documentation for more information (

For more information on what has changed please refer to each updated package:

ftrack connect 1.0.1
ftrack connect cinema 4d 0.1.3
ftrack connect hieroplayer 1.1.5
ftrack connect legacy plugins 1.0.0
ftrack connect maya 1.0.0
ftrack connect nuke 1.0.1
ftrack connect nuke studio 1.0.0
ftrack connect rv 3.6
ftrack python legacy api 3.6.0

We hope you enjoy the release. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.



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22 hours ago, tokejepsen said:

Will the legacy plugins repository become public access?

I've just opened up the legacy plugins repository and the ftrack-connect-package repository.

ftrack connect legacy plugins contains the hiero plugin

ftrack connect package is a repository that we use to build the downloadable ftrack Connect package.

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