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Subscribe to a Ftrack object

Remus Avram

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Hi Ftrack Team,

we would like a way to subscribe/unsubscribe (or follow/unfollow) a Ftrack object (like shot/asset/etc).

Also we would like to be able to subscribe/unsubscribe other users to it.

The current issue which we have right not in the production is that we don't have a way for the coordinators to split the shots between them and follow the activity on specific shots/asset builds/etc.


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On 7/11/2017 at 9:20 AM, Mattias Lagergren said:

Hi Remus, thank you for the request - we are already considering this (follow/unfollow) as part of a future change to the notifications feature. I will make sure to incorporate this information any future research

Hi @Mattias Lagergren

is there any update regarding this?

If not, is there any workaround for the moment? Like would it be possible to create an action which the user triggers on a ftrack object to subscribe to it?


As an example, an animation supervisor would like to subscribe to all the animation tasks from a show in order to receive a notification for each version published linked to the animation task.

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Hi Remus, as of now it is not possible to do this but using the API and event listeners you could achieve a workaround to achieve what you are looking for.

E.g. listening to ftrack.update events for when a new asset is published and sending a Message to the supervisor. The message can pop up in the Inbox or sent as a mail. Let me know if you want to work in this direction and if I can help you more

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