Any plans to make the API python 3.x compatible?
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Hi Thorsten,

The new API was originally designed to be compatible with both python 2.x and 3.x but due to the extra testing required  we currently only support the former. It is something we have wanted to look at but it has not been a high priority.  CY2019  ( )  might however move to version 3.x due to support for python 2.x coming to an end in 2020 so it is something we definitely need to start looking at.



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Hi Thorsten, there are some news regarding api and support for py3k.

We have been opening a new forum section to provide early access (with instructions and warnings) to the development branch which provide support to python 3.6 , how to install and test.

If you have a chance to test, please share there your finds in there!


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