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For me personally I love the layout of ftrack, and the accesability to all the data.  However, one complaint I hear internally and from our other studios is lack of a visual global job overview.

The term that is flying around here is to have an "at a glance" breakdown of the job.  I am not sure if there are levels of custimization that I haven't discovered yet that could allow our supervisors to build their own "at a glance" layout.  That's why I'm opening up the discussion on where something like this fits in?  I feel like the new task board feature is really close, but just needs to be a bit more customizable.  We even tried using it, but instead of having stages of progression we labeled the columns as tasks.  I made a really bad mock up of what I believe everybody here is interested in.


I really appreciate all your help and feedback on this issue.






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Hi Jonathan, 


This sounds like an interesting idea something we're happy to discuss more. I like how you get a very quick feeling for how a shot is doing and also a nice overview.


It kind of reminds me of a combination of our current Task board (attachment 1) and what you can do by adding Task type columns to the Shots spreadsheet, see attachment 2. 


From what I understand each "card" represents one or more task of a certain type (e.g. compositing) for a shot. I see that some of the cards have multiple colors, what does those represent? Maybe multiple tasks of the same type?


Besides giving an overview, are there any actions that you imagine could be carried out from this view?







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I think a merger of these layouts works much nicer.  We tried the task columns, but found issues with data not populating(primarily assignees) and it felt off visually.  The cards tend to work well for conveying data "at a glance".  In my mock up the multiple colors were similar to the current implementation of the shots overview on the left hand side bar.  It displays a general overview of progress, and detailed description upon hovering.  In general we would still be able to access data the same way the cards work now(click to expand sidebar), but just have more custimization of what data the cards display.

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Hi Mattias.


I'm working with Jonathan on this. I just wanted to add that yes, where the cards have multiple colors on the left side, that is intended to represent a summary of the statuses when multiple tasks exist for the same task type (column) for a shot (row), similar to the task status summaries for each asset build and shot on the left side menu.

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Okay, I see - yes the progress makes sense to summaries them if more than one. An alternative is to handle multiple tasks of the same type as two cards (double row height)?


As for the cards, would you need complete control and be able select what data that shows up on these cards. Like displaying custom attributes etc.

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Hi Mattias,


Somehow we both forgot to respond to this. Sorry about that!


I believe that because it is intended to be a quick overview of the task statuses of a job, it would make sense for there to be one card per task type per shot. Control over which attributes are displayed is ideal as well.


Has this type of thing been discussed on your end at all? We're very curious to hear your thoughts on this.



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Hi Katalina, yes that makes sense and often studios set up imported custom attributes that they need to be able to get easy access to.


This has started some discussions at the office and we can definitely see the use of this kind of job / shots board. We've create a feature request for it where we gather ideas and use-cases. As soon as we've come any further I will update this thread with more info.


Thanks again for all this great feedback!

Mattias L

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