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The new project Task board (Beta) is great, congrats guys! I'm really enjoying having a kanban style board in context of what you want to look, great for episodic projects.



But I would love to see support for "views" just like in the spreadsheet. That way we could for instance filter all columns by a single or specific types of tasks. Currently you have to set one by one which is Ok but becomes tedious to do every time you want to focus on one department or type of task.


Another thing that would be awesome to have is the ability to set user privileges for each column, that way standard users could for instance move cards/tasks up to the "Review" column and only sups could then move those from there to the "Approved" column.


Keep up the great work guys!





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An additional note: you can actually set up your task boards to act like that (>2.3v1). If you set up the My Tasks task board to only contain columns an artist should see (with for instance Pending review as the last one), you can set up the task board sups is seeing to start with the Pending review column as the first column. Think that's part of what you would like to have.



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