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Asset Manager asset filtering

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20 hours ago, Konstantin Maslyuk said:

I need your advice, how to change ui components to implement such functionality because ComboBox should display something informative about current filtering.

Could you elaborate a little bit on how you would like to change the filtering? 

The asset manager is in the ftrack-connect repository, and if you want you can fork it and put up a pull-requests towards our repository:



Are you running the plugins from source today or the downloaded ftrack Connect package?

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I need ability to filter out specific asset type (eg. all but Texture) or/and display assets of several types as at time (eg. only Geometry and Rig).

If filtering would be saved (to external config) and restored on open, that would be good deal as well. In this case i need some guideline on saving configs.


Asset Manager is quite standalone so we updated to upstream forked file.  And i m quite familiar with Git and pull requests.

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