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Selection order and sort, how ? wrong ?


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I tried a review session workflow but i don't understand things. Perhaps we need new features (?).

1) I create a review with a lot of versions of multiple shots. But a shot can have different type of versions (a animation version and a lighting version).

So i click on "group", "asset parent". This is perfect, it will group everything in a column :


But here the problem : why the animation version is on the top and the lighting version on the bottom ? The "column" is sort by name ?

I think this is wrong because as you can see, we have a row of lighting version, but in the middle an animation version.

A clean way would be to have a row of "ltg_master" and another row of "ani_master". For this, i want to have the option to group rows by tasks type (animation, lighting...). Or i miss something ?

Perhaps rename "group" by "group columns by" and have a "group row by" (tasks task, task name, custom attribute value...)

What do you thing ?


2) Sequence order : if i understand, i have to select versions and click to load selected. The selection will be player from the order selection.

This is a problem because if i select each lighting versions in the good order, load selected, and after i want to switch one version to animation just to see, i have to re-select everything ! Or if i unselect the lighting version and select the animation version, this version will be at the end : wrong edit !

So i thing the solution would be to add 2 things :

a) Possibility to choose what version we want to play. Like disable/enable a version, and have one button : play all. It will play just enabled version. With this is can enable just lighting version, and i want to switch, i can disable the lighting version of one shot and enable the animation version.

b)) Possibility to sort the "timeline" by an attribute, or task name or everything that we can, or and edit file (edit file will be fabulous)


What do you thing ? Or perhaps i am wrong with something

I am sure there are solutions to think

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Thank you for the feedback!

1. Sort order within column when grouping: We will currently sort by version number (descending) when grouped. If the items has the same version numbers the order will be undefined. This makes sense when grouping by asset, but not by asset parent. I'll report this as a bug. I'll also understand that having dedicated rows per task type (or something else) would be beneficial, something we'll take into consideration for the future.

Another thing I would like to mention is the ability to filter the playlist. Using the filters it is easy to only see e.g. items linked to animation tasks.

2. The playlist is sorted by an "internal order" initially. What this order is, depends a bit on what items are being reviewed, and how the review was started. You can choose to sort on "Project hierarchy", which should make the items (columns if grouped) be sorted by the project hierarchy, so that versions linked to shot 1 will come before versions linked to shot 2, for example.

Thanks for the feedback regarding being able to have more control over how to manage the playlist. I've noted the feedback and we'll take it into consideration for the future.


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