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Populate notes from import


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So my producer brought up an interesting question.  We were wondering if there was a way to populate notes(say from client or director) from the same spreadsheet we use to keep updating the job through import.  We created custom attributes, but unless these are on the task version they just get overwritten with each update to the task or shot.  Plus they don't send a notification to the artist. 

I guess to simplify the question, is there a way to batch notes quickly via a spreadsheet or some other way?






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Hi Jonathan,


Diogo is right, we don't have that functionality today. But we will think of a way to quickly get that in there, and we might contact you off list for more information. As usual, if people on the forum have input on this, don't hesitate to post it here, and we will take in into account when creating "Use cases" for this feature.


Best Regards,


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