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Planning view - occupancy of whole studio

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Hi Classen,


We have the same issue here, we are around 120 people running many (many!) concurrent projects.

A page where we can see the occupancy of the whole studio would be great!

More specifically, if we could see occupancy (current and future) of groups of users, let's say, modelers, animators, etc, this would be awesome!

+1 for this feature request.




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As i'm thinking of it now.

I would love to be able to plan the suites.

So i don't have to switch between 2 programmes 1 for planning and 1 for asset/vfx planning (ftrack)


Would also really love a option for simple appointments that show in "upcoming dates"  in "My Tasks".

so if i have a lunch with a client or even a simple reminder i need to do that day.

Again so i just have 1 planning program






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Same here, this is the only thing we really miss.


Just keep us posted ;)

But seeing the demo at NAB from you guys with nuke studio you're pretty busy, can't wait for that to come out.

Looked so freaking amazing (sorry for the off-topic)




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Are there also any plans on giving this a more standard Gantt chart layout? It would be really nice if tasks that are planned later than others are positioned underneath to preceding tasks. Basically having the earliest tasks in the top left corner and the latest in the bottom right corner. Then is it also possible to have milestones for specific tasks to be on the same row? Say you're animating a shot, you can have a layout, blocking, splining and polishing deadline. Having those all appearing on separate rows makes the planning pretty messy. Just my two cents :)

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