Hide / gray notes that aren't revelant anymore
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our users would like to be able to easily hide or grey notes that aren't relevant anymore. I know we can delete notes, but this is not very handy, as it doesn't allow us to keep track of the content of those notes.

The typical use case would be something like this :

  • An artist finishes a task, set its status to Pending Review.

  • A producer review the task and decides that the results is too dark. He adds a note saying "It must be clearer". and set the task status to a Retake.

  • The artist set the task status to In Progress,  makes it clearer, grays or hides the corresponding note, and set the task status to Pending Review.

Would this make sense to you?

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My bad, I did not seen all the détails on the trello board :

a note can be set as an actionable item/note, that can be set as completed by the recipient.

I suppose this could be relevant for this use case, yes. I will keep an eye on it and test it when the feature will be released. Thanks!

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