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Hi, I am trying to add a new task status called To be perfected, for tasks that, you've guessed it, could be perfected at the end of a project if we do have remaining time.

I have created the status and ordered it correctly (see first attached image).


I then added it to one of our schema, and it seems to be OK (see second attached image).


But on one of the other schema, I can get this status to be at its supposed place. It always comes after the Completed status, (see third attached image). I have tried to remove those two status, then add them anew in the order I want them do display, but I can't get them right.  


Furthermore, when I change the status of a task of a project corresponding to the schema which seems to be OK,  the status are indeed ordered the wrong way (see fourth attached image).



And by the way, when adding status to a schema, they are always misplaced at first: it is necessary to save the tasks part of a schema and then open it again to see status behaving as they should. Should a report an issue on this?

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Thank you for your answer, Mattias.

The first image I added in my previous post is a screenshot of the Statuses page spreadsheet. As you can see, on this spreadsheet the statuses are ordered correctly. Here is a bigger, more readable version of the first image.



But as you can see in the third image of the first post, some workflow does not follow this order. And on the fourth image, we can see that even on a workflow which apparently follows the correct ordering, status do not follow this ordering when I change the status of a task

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I've been able to reproduce this and although I'm not sure what caused the issue I think it is easy to fix.

If you follow these steps it should put them in correct order everywhere:

  1. Drag&drop "To be perfected" below "Completed"
  2. Save.
  3. Now drag&drop "Completed" back to its original place below "To be perfected"
  4. Save.

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