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Publish to specified location


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Hi all,

I'm new in ftrack and I changed a location structure and I have a question: 

Is any way to get application from which is published? 
e.g. I store rendered images from maya in: prefix\test_project\shots\sequence\test_050\render\maya\ 
But when I render from nuke I need this: prefix\test_project\shots\sequence\test_050\render\final\

Is it any way to solve it?

I use Legacy API.

Thanks for every ideas! Tomas

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Hi Tomas,

I'm not sure what the best way is and may depend on how you launch your applications. If they are launched through ftrack Connect you will have the FTRACK_CONNECT_EVENT that can be decoded and used to detect the host application.

import json
import base64

application = 'other'

	identifier = json.loads(
	# Could not decode event.
	if 'nuke' in identifier:
		application = 'nuke'

Another possibility is to try and get the ftrack connector name:

import ftrack_connect.connector

connector = ftrack_connect.connector.Connector.__subclasses__()[0]

# Should be nuke, maya or max.

Or, if launched outside of Connect or if you want to be agnostic to launch method I guess there are other best practices for detecting the application host; importing modules, looking at environment variables, etc.

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