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Task Templates that can Create Objects (Folders, Task Groups etc.)

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Subtasks are a requested feature, but one workaround for us has been to create a Task Group object and treat that as a task, and it contains Tasks (that play the role of subtasks).

However, when we want to create Task Templates, we can't include other objects such as Folders/TaskGroups in these templates.


The feature request is to:      include objects in Task Templates,   AND   have the ability to make the Tasks subjects of such Folders/Objects

This would make the replication of common tasks / workflows a lot easier and more organized. As presently, have to create the Task Groups and Folders manually.




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Hi Jack, thank you for this request!

The task templates today are quite basic and an addition like this makes sense. I think we already have similar feature requests so I will go ahead and update them with your use-case.

As a possible workaround (if you have developers at the studio) I would suggest looking into our Actions framework. It could be used to write custom things like more advanced templates and still have them feel native to ftrack.

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