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Environment Python paths are not appended to ftrack_connect_package

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Hi all,

is there any reason why the Python paths from environment are not appended to the compiled ftrack_connect_package (v0.5.0) when is launched?

If I create a simple action which print the sys.path I get this:


Even the python build in modules are not there. For example 'HTMLParser'.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi Remus,

We're using a library called cx_Freeze to create the executable. As part of the build step it excludes modules that are not used by the application. This is all fine if you have a "static" application, but in our case where we load plugins into the application it becomes a limit.

In the build step of ftrack-connect-package there are ways to force adding modules. We do this with e.g. the csv modules.

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