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Remus Avram

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Hi all,

is there any plan for the future to add the possibility to archive a project?

By archiving a project I mean all the sequence, shots, asset builds, tasks, etc, (all data specific to that project)  to be moved to new tables.

In this way the query will be much faster if the archived projects are not included.



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Hi Remus,


Or a tool which sync the project (with all the dependencies) on another ftrack server (a server which contains only the archived projects), and then delete the project from production server.

This is s something that we've discussed back and forth for quite some time. We've even been experimenting with solutions similar to what you propose here. However, we haven't made any final decisions on the solution yet.

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On 6/6/2018 at 12:24 PM, suedlich_t said:

any news on this topic?

We need a solution to archive Projects!  The best way, would be , to be able to export a whole project (Database+Files) as a zip / rar Archive.

No news on this feature request yet - what is the primary reason for you to archive the project? Is it for backup reasons, would you remove it from ftrack after you have exported it?

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