Possibility to backup and restore projects
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I think it would be an awesome feature to archive a project to a compressed file (which you can download and backup).

After creating the archive the possibility to remove the data of the project from the database and filesystem.

Also the possibility to restore a project through a compressed file.

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Yeah - definitely a cool idea and something that we've experimented with internally. One of the issues that you're facing is for relational data that depends on items out-side of the project.

Some examples:

  • Task / user assignments
  • Workflow: statuses, types, etc.
  • Note categories


The problem being that if any of these external relations has been modified or removed it is hard to determine how to restore the project. E.g. the "In progress" status does no longer exist. For this to work there must be some way to manage the restore in those situations.

Just some thoughts and background on the difficulties of this. 

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