Lucidity: How to deal with spaces in object types?
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So I'm starting to build out my custom folder structure using Lucidity.  I have a recursive function that creates data dictionary chunks for each folder path and stores them in a list to be iterated over (much like in the create folders example hook).  This is working great, but I'm running into issues with asset builds.  

When I try to get the object type of an asset build using this:

item_type = item['object_type']['name'].lower()

It returns a string: 'asset build'

This is causing an issue with the Lucidity templates because they don't like spaces apparently. 

So when I'm creating my data dictionary chunk:

templates_dict[item_type] = {'name': item['name']}

And go to format the data:


I get an error that says 'Placeholder name contains invalid characters'

If I do something like this:

if item_type == 'asset build':
    item_type = 'assetbuild'

It fixes the problem, is this an acceptable solution?

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For reference, the reason spaces are not supported for placeholders is because Lucidity uses the Python stdlib re module under the hood which also has this limitation.

>>> re.compile("(?P<some group>.+)")
error: bad character in group name 'some group'

However, it should be possible to work around in Lucidity core if it is an issue for you folks. Just create a feature request at



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